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About Carla

Hi! I’m Carla, a professionally trained independent Winnipeg Birth Doula, I've supported over 200 births! I live in Winnipeg with my husband and our three daughters born from 06-09 with amazing local Manitoba Midwives. I’ve had three completely different birthing experiences: a 36 hour vaginal; an emergency c-section with a seroma, resulting in birth trauma; and a beautiful healing VBAC the following year! I absolutely love everything about birth and am very passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. My own vast variety of birthing experiences, my family history in birth, my extreme passion, and absolute trust of birth led me down the path to become a Birth Doula. Birth work is deeply rooted in my family for many generations. My Great Grandmother was a midwife, my Grandmother delivered me, and my Mother birthed me in the back seat of a moving car! I've always felt a strong calling towards birth work, so I followed my heart, and here I am ... Mother Birth.

Mother Birth

Mother Birth is here to provide extra support through these challenging times. Be it physical, emotional, spiritual or educational, Mother Birth has you covered! They certainly don't call it labour for nothing, so having a doula on your birth support team is the BEST decision you will ever make. Birth is an intimate sacred experience, and Mother Birth can walk with you through your journey. Having a skilled Doula on your side with the tools needed to empower and support you is the best gift you can receive. If you are considering a Doula for your childbirth, Mother Birth would LOVE to chat about how to best support your birth plan!

In my role of Doula I 'Mother the Mother' in a 'Labour of Love'. My "Birth Companion Labour Support Service" includes assisting in childbirth by providing physical assistance, emotional support and educational information. Doulas are hired as part of the birth support team, there are so many benefits to having a Doula. Continuous labour support has proven to reduce labouring times, pain medications and cesarean rates! Having a Doula is all about making sure your wishes and needs are met in a non-judgemental way. I will encourage and support you and your birth plan, whatever that may be. Every woman should be empowered and respected during childbirth. If a woman is well informed with a solid support system, then a positive birth experience is achievable. I'd be honoured to support you as your Doula.

I come fully equipped with an extensive Doula Tool Kit, complete with two caring hands, natural pain relieving tactics, comfort measures, relaxation techniques and items for a calming environment. Everything from essential oils to stress relieving gadgets, focal points, massagers and robozos. I am trained in Spinning Babies, breathing patterns, labour positions, acupressure points, massage and rebozo techniques. I have access to all birthing facilities and the birthing tools as needed ... birthing ball or birthing chair, rope or rail, as well as snacks, drinks, ice, a cool/warm cloth or cozy warm heated blankets. I support partners and family members by educating them in ways they can help, and allow them to take needed breaks as well, adding more to the their experience! Often partners really want to help and support, but are feeling out of place because they do not know what to do or how they can assist ... I will be there to help guide them through! Whatever your birth plan is, natural or medicated, I will assist you in your interest and respond promptly to your labour needs and desires. Birth is a beautiful thing and can be an amazing experience, it would be my pleasure to attend with you and help create memories that last a lifetime!

Next Steps...

If you are considering Doula, Photography or Birth Services, I would love to hear from you!
I take limited clients monthly, and would be happy to check your due date for availability!